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Concrete Foundations - Concrete Floors

Serving York & Cumberland Counties In Maine

Residential & Commercial Concrete Contractor

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Residential Concrete 

NEW Forms That Will Give You A GREAT Looking Concrete Foundation !!! 

Fully Insured - Worker's Comp & Liability                                Meet or Exceed All Code Requirements
  Can Work with ANY Plan or Help Design One           FREE Onsite Advice / Consultation
All State of The Art Modern Equipment       Digital Transits, Laser Levels, Hydraulic Rebar Cutters
Professional Experienced Crew      Accurate Itemized Estimates ( FREE )
Please Call or E-mail for More Information      Can Recieve & Send All info By PDF File, Fax, Etc.


Our Prices are VERY Competitive !

Give Us a Call or Email and  We can Start Estimating Your Project




Here Is a Basic List of the Types of Concrete Work We Do !  If  Your Project involves Concrete, It is a Good Bet We Can Do It !

Concrete Foundation for New House                                                  Concrete Floor for New House
Concrete Frost Walls for Garage                                                        Concrete Floor for Garage                    
Concrete Foundation for Addition                                                      Concrete Floor for Addition                      
Concrete Pier Foundation                                                                  Concrete Slabs  Floating Slab                
Concrete Retaining Walls                                                                  Concrete Diveways,  Sidewalks, Patios        
Concrete Foundation for Existing House                                             Concrete Floor Replacement / Topping     
Concrete Crawl Space                                                                       Concrete Vapor Slab, Mud Slab, Rat Slab

All of our Concrete Floors are SAW CUT to help prevent Random Cracking !

All Exterior Concrete Floors, Slabs, Driveways receive 1 coat of Cure & Seal !

All of our Concrete Foundations, Frost Walls have REBAR in the Footings & Walls !

All Addition Foundations are Drilled & Pinned to Existing Foundations !

All Anchor Bolts, Bondouts for Utilities, Included at No Charge !

All Concrete is a Minimum of 3000 psi. for Foundations / Frost Walls !

All Concrete used for Floors, Slabs, Etc. is a Minimum of 3500 psi.

 Contact Us For a Price on Your Project !

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