K D Concrete Inc.

Concrete Foundations - Concrete Floors

Serving York & Cumberland Counties In Maine

Residential & Commercial Concrete Contractor

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Company Profile

 K D Concrete Inc. has been an established Concrete Contractor for 38 years. Our goal has been to provide a top quality product on schedule. In doing so we have gained a repeat customer base among Homeowners, Residential and Commercial Contractors. I learned from the Old Craftsmen ( guess I’m one now ) that good tools make a job go smooth. As such we use the Best tools & equipment available. When they are not we invent and design what we need. KD Concrete’s biggest assets are the people that work with us.  Without them KD would not do much.  These people have all been chosen for their reliability, superior work ethic and dedication to our company and customers. All are dedicated Family men who take great pride in their work. We love a challenge, from a tough site to an interesting design. We have a huge “ network “ of suppliers, engineers & architects to assist us with anything needed. Last but not least we regard Timing & Scheduling as one of the most important aspects In any business.  Be it an appointment or job schedule we do all that is possible to be on time.  In closing I would like to Thank all of our Customers for doing business with us thru the years. 
                  Kirk Dewitz

            Owner  K D Concrete Inc.

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